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DVB-IP Gateway and Edge

The WISI TANGRAM video platform is a high-density digital TV headend for contribution of digital TV via IP networks and end-to-end IPTV solutions such as video-on-demand, connected TV and OTT (Over The Top) or Web TV. The platform is highly customizable and offers advanced DVB stream processing in a small footprint 1 RU chassis concept. The TANGRAM chassis can be equipped with 6 + 1 modules. The six rear loaded modules have different functionalities, and can perform all necessary signal processing functions.

  • Small footprint in 1RU chassis
  • Hot swappable fan tray
  • Fully redundant concept (1+1, n+1)
  • Optional scrambling and multiplexing function
  • Redundant power supplies ensure operational capability
  • Each module can be equipped in every slot

Maximum performance in every network

The TANGRAM platform can be used in a central or distributed headend architecture and provides the following processing functions in a central location: DVB-IP gateway for DVB-S/S2/ -C / -T / -T2, descrambling, remultiplexing, scrambling, PSI/SI processing and modulation.

In a decentralized architecture with regional hubs, the modulation is done in the hub site and the aggregated digital TV streams are transported via an IP network and are terminated in Edge-QAMs, -COFDMs*, -PALs and -FMs for remodulation and transmission in HFC networks.

The TANGRAM chassis can be equipped optionally with two load sharing redundant power supplies (DC or AC) and contains high-performance monitored fans for cooling. Modules, fans and power supplies are hot swappable.




Optical Platform for FTTx and HFC

The WISI opticall platform Optopus is a highly flexible, high-density platform for all types of analogue optical networks. The system is used in any network for applications such as HFC, RF over Glass or RF Overlay.

  • Full modular concept allows every applications mix
  • Reduced maintenance time by module replacement during operation
  • Passive backplate reduces maintenance outages
  • Dust-free passive cooling prolongs module lifetime
  • Advanced management features for easy installation and operation
  • Integrated WDM filters in the modules save space, money and time
  • Redundant power supplies guarantee system availability

The system of choice for every network operator

Optopus is designed to meet the high requirements and reliability necessary for today networks. State-of-the-art features such as redundant AC and DC power supplies, pluggable fan units and advanced management features meet the carrier-grade demands of telecommunication and cable operators.

The Optopus platform allows the mounting of any module into any slot, thus ensuring individual configuration depending on the desired applications. With its 14 slots in a 3+1 rack unit chassis it utilizes up to 28 transmitters, 56 receivers or a mixture of both, including power supply and management unit.

The upper part of the chassis houses the redundant power supplies, the ventilation unit and the interfaces for network management.

Optopus is the system of choice for every operator enabling powerful, flexible and cost-effective optical access networks.