GN 50 W 0048 Chameleon Frame


Chameleon FRAME - GN 50W0048

  • Professional 3RU, 19" rack with 48vdc Gige
  • Embedded professional Gigabit Ethernet switch
  • Fan tray with monitoring option power supply and modules hot swappable
  • N+1 and 1+1 redundancy option and power supply redundancy option
  • Fits 10 Chameleon modules

The GN50 Chameleon FRAME is a professional base unit with an embedded switch and powerful redundancy and monitoring options. The embedded switch has GigE capacity, 4 streaming ports and a dedicated management port. The fan tray, hot-swappable from the front, ensures correct cooling. As an option, you can have double independent, load sharing power supply units. When using the Chameleon modules in a GN50, you remove the front panels mounted on the Chameleon modules, and replace it with a specific GN50 panel. Connection to the switch, and to power supply, is done via the SGMII connector. The GN50 can be mounted in any standard 19 inch cabinet, and gives a modular design for any size of professional Head End.