Gnhwencw2 Chameleon Module



WISI Chameleon GNHWUW2 Universal programmable module for head-Chameleon

  • Universal programmable module station Chameleon
  • Mounting chassis GN01, GN40 and GN50
  • The received signals - DVB-S/S2/C/T (T2), IP, ASI, SDI
  • Output signals: 2hPAL/SECAM/NTSC or 2/4hDVB-C or 2hDVB-T or 8hFM, nhIP, ASI, SDI
  • Dual output programmable modulator with direct synthesis signal (DDS),provides an exceptionally high performance.
  • Signal processing: descrambling (2 hSAM) (D) multiplexing, MPEG-2/4 (H264) decoding, HD SD daunskaling, PSI / SI editing scrambling, IP streaming, etc.
  • Update functionality is performed by the user via a download of the new software
  • Local and remote configuration, control and monitoring of any of the 3 protocols, WEB, SNMP, Telnet.