• Conversion of one analog / digital TV channel into the range of 45-862 MHz
  • Suitable for DVB-T
  • AGC for the input level range 50-90 dB?V analog/ 40-80 dB?V digital
  • Output level adjustable in the range of 74-84 dB?V analog / 64-74 dB?V digital
  • High IF selection via two SAW filters, for adjacent channel operation at input and output.
  • Deactivation of AGC for TV standard L. Manual gain adjustment
  • NMS via headend controller OV 51S or headend commander OV 52
Frequency range input / output 45-862 MHz
Tuning steps PAL B/G, D/K, I, L 0.25 MHz
DVB-T 7 MHz 0.5 MHz ?125 kHz Offset
DVB-T 8 MHz / DVB-8S only input or output 0.5 MHz ?166.6 kHz Offset
DVB-C 7 MHz 0.5 MHz
DVB-C 8 MHz / DVB-C8S 0.5 MHz
Input level range PAL B/G, D/K, I, L 50-90 dB?V
DVB-T, DVB-C 40-80 dB?V
TV standards analog PAL B/G, D/K, I, L
digital terrestrial DVB-T 7 MHz, DVB-T 8 MHz
digital cable DVB-C 7 MHz, DVB-C 8 MHz
Noise factor ?9 dB
AGC range ?40 dB
Spurious signal at input acc. to
EN 50083-2
Output level (AGC on) analog 84 dB?V
DVB-T, DVB-C 74 dB?V
Multi-standard PAL B/G, D/K, I, L
DVB-C 16, 64 QAM (7/8 MHz-
DVB-T 2k, 8k mode, Coderate 2/3 (7/8-MHz band
General data
Option: TV demodulator OV 62 A
OV 62 D
A= B/G
D= D/K
Connectors RF F-type
Audio/Video Sub-D socket
Operating temperature 0?C…+55?C
Storage temperature -25?C…+75?C
Max. humidity, non condensing 95%
EMC CE, Class A
Packing unit 1 piece, 5.2 dm?, 2.1 kg