Modular universal system for professional applications to satisfy all requirements of high-quality channel processing – from the CATV headend to the community antenna TV system.
Whether it is satellite or terrestrially broadcast programs – the WISI TOPLINE HEADEND will feed them into your distribution system – in brilliant quality.

– Basic unit with GaAs-high-output broadband amplifier.
– Modular system concept; up to 10 modules per basic unit.
– Easy configuration and expansion.
– Tunable modules feature individual microprocessor control
– Simple programming of the individual modules.
– High output level.
– Output frequency fully tunable in FM/VHF/UHF range.
– TV standards: B/G, D/K, I, L, M, N.
– Adjacent-channel operation through SAW filter and vestigial sideband modulation.
– NMS via headend controller OV 51S or remote control via remote interface OV 52


Power supply
Power supply no-load, short-ciruit and overload-protected
Operating voltage 230 VAC /
50/60 Hz
Max. output power 124 W
DC operating voltages 5 VDC /
12 A
12 VDC /
7.0 A
13.5 VDC /
1.0 A
LED displays 5 / 12 / 13.5 VDC
Output broadband amplifier
2 RF inputs, loop-thru input, output, TP -20 dB F-type
Frequency range 45-862 MHz
Gain 30 dB
Adjustable attenuator 0-10 dB
Output level at 60 dB IMA, 3rd order 121 dB?V
Output level at 60 dB IMA, 2nd order 115 dB?V
Test output -20 dB
Operating output level (10 modules) 45-862 MHz 110 dB?V
6-way splitter, with DC bypass built in
Thru loss 2x 9,5 dB 4x 13.2 dB
Isolation 18 dB
General data
Operating temperature -5?C…+55?C
Storage temperature -25?C…+75?C
Max. humidity, non-condensing 95%
EMC CE, Class A
Frame housing, aluminium, painted grey 445x398x208 mm
Weight 9 kg
Packing unit 1 piece 100 dm?, 9 kg