Gnhwencw Chameleon Module


The CHAMELEON ENCODER adds the feature of MPEG encoding to the CHAMELEON product line. With the same form factor as the CHAMELEON modules, the CHAMELEON ENCODER can be used in any CHAMELEON base unit. The CHAMELEON ENCODER allows you to add services available in audio/video format or in SDI/HD-SDI format to your digital network.


  • Encoding of 1 HD-SDI or 2 SD-SDI / analogue video signals
  • 2 x analogue/digital video input
  • 2 x analogue stereo audio input
  • Gigabit Ethernet input/output for MPTS and SPTS signals
  • Output: MPEG-4 over UDP/IP MPTS/SPTS
  • Control and management via web UI