VS 93 B

splitt band amplifier to bring together terrestrial and 1 SAT frequency band on a trunk line


Inputs SAT 1 pcs.
Frequency range SAT 950...2400 MHz
Gain SAT 27...35 dB
Attenuator SAT 0...18 dB
Equalizer SAT 8...16 dB (Jumper 0/8 dB + 8 dB fix)
Output level SAT 115 dB
Noise figure SAT 7 dB


Inputs TERR 2 pcs. (1 active/1 passive)
Frequency range TERR 5...862 MHz
Gain TERR 13...18 dB
Attenuator TERR 0...18 dB
Equalizer TERR 5 dB (fix)
Output level TERR 109 dBµV
Output level 94 dBµV
Insertion loss TERR 2.5 dB (passive way)
Return channel frequency range 5...65 MHz
Return path amplification -3 dB


F-socket 3 pcs.

General data

Operating voltage AC 230 V (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption 4 W
LNB supply voltage 18 V
LNB electrical power supply 0.3 A (short-circuit-proof)


Dimensions (width x height x depth) 145x120x38 mm
Operating temperature range -20...+50 °C